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Cost reduction and revenue enhancement is essential in today’s competitive marketplace. Financial Healthcare Services provides a full range of Revenue Cycle Recovery Services from Eligibility and Intake, to Insurance, Medi-Cal, Medicare, Worker's Compensation and Personal Injury Recovery and is committed to bringing fast, professional, technologically advanced, and economically sound business financial services to our clients.


Medi-Cal Eligibility and Intake

Patients are immediately processed for Medi-Cal eligibility, Section 1011, Medicare and other sources of funds, working with the hospital case worker and/or the Social Services Department to assist patients with the application and approval process.

Insurance Billing and Recovery
Accounts that remain unpaid are directed to this unit for immediate assessment of reasons for non-payment and are followed through resolution with  the carriers regardless of whether it is a contract, authorization, e-billing, timely filing, follow-up or a Plan/IPA issue. 

AR Days eating up profits?

Medi-Cal Billing and Recovery

Whether it is a TAR, retro TAR, SOC or billing issue, Medi-Cal accounts from the Intake Unit are directed to this unit for resolution.

Medicare Billing and Recovery

Medical Records retrieval, timely filing, cross-overs, and supplemental are some of the common issues needing resolution.

Worker's Compensation and Personal Injury

Trained and professional staff working with the WCAB, adjusters and attorneys ensure that issues are resolved and settled in a timely manner.